Madrid: Take Two

20 Mrz, 2023

Sunday, 19th March:

What to do with four days of vacation in Spain? You could go to a city further away as Jonathan did [A day in Burgos] or how about taking advantage of the last snow in the Pyrenees [Skiing in the Pyrenees], which was what Jana’s family did? Or there is also the opportunity to visit Spain’s biggest city and also the capital: Madrid! [Madrid: Take One | Milla]

That was my family’s plan. Last Wednesday we had brought our luggage to school and after the last period we started our adventure to Madrid! After four hours, a stop in Lerma and a fast meal in the car, we finally arrived in Madrid! On the way to Madrid I listened to some songs that are dedicated to Madrid:

A la sombra de un léon

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Ana Belén, the musician who wrote the song, comes originally from Madrid. In this song she mentions some places in Madrid, as the „Banco Central“, „Cibeles“ or „El Corte Inglés“.

Te dejo Madrid

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This song from Shakira discribes that she misses Madrid. It’s a pop song and surely makes you feel excited to go to Madrid.

Pongamos Que Hablo de Madrid

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For Sabina, the author of this song, Madrid is a source of inspiration for his songs. The title translated means „Let’s assume that I talk about Madrid“. It is the oldes song I have chossen, but nevertheless I really like it.

Lerma: a few impressions

Here we ate a little snack, had a look at the church and had a little snack and a tea. We did it at the „Parador“ , a hotel which is located in a historical building, as a castle, monastery or a palace.

El teatro real, the opera house of Madrid


"Día y Noche" are two sculptures next to train station Atocha.
"la Cuesta de Moyano", are a a couple of book market, specialized on vintage and second hand books. There are even some English, French or German books!

There is a lot to discover in Madrid! For one, there are the most famous sight, everybody knows as the Plaza Mayor, the Retiro, the Prado, the Gran Vía and so on …, but moreover there are also beautiful other attractions, which aren’t well-known, but you definitely shouldn’t miss! Of course we have seen the Plaza Mayor, Día y Noche, the Retiro (there was an project of art about light and its reflextion with mist) and the Mercado de San Miguel. There were a lot of building sites, for example at the Plaza Mayor, but it doesn’t matter because there are so many other places to visit.


Visit a temporal exhibition

For this one you have to be a little bit spontaneous, but it is definitely worth it, not making plans: just ask at the tourist stands if there are any temporal exhibitions and you will be surprised! We visited one in the house of „Sorolla“, a painter who focused on drawing the reflection of light. It was really impressive, and combined with the history of his house, it was one of my hightlights! The photo is from another exhibition, which I also loved a lot!


Get an Overview of Madrid

Most of the attractions of Madrid are in the centre, so you could think that it is a small city. Enjoy the view over Madrid from Corte Inglés or the Hotel Riu Palza España and you will get to know the expanse of it and the landscape around the capital! I am so glad I didn’t miss it!

In the end, I can tell that I really loved Madrid, even though I took me a few days to feel the energy of the city and I wasn’t able to see everything! But it is always good to let something undiscovered, to have a reason to return!


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