Our trip to Bilbao

24 Mrz, 2023

Yesterday the students from Ireland, their Spanish exchange students and we went on a trip yo Bilbao together.

Bilbao is an industry and harbour city surrounded by the mountains. It’s located in the North of Spain and the biggest city in the Basque country. Bilbao has about 350 thousand inhabitants and is the tenth largest city in Spain.

We went by bus to the city which took us two hours and we arrived at 11 a.m.

After we walked a little bit trough the city we went to the “Guggenheim Museum”. The museum has expositions of modern and contemporary art and is one of the largest museums in Spain.


After visiting the Guggenheim Museum we had free time so we split up into small groups and I went with my exchange partner and some girls I recently met to a restaurant.


We had lunch an then we went to another art museum which was also pretty nice.

We still had some time left so we decided to walk to the old town to see the old part of the city as well.


We met the rest of the group at 7 p.m and then we took the bus back to Logroño.

I had a really nice day and enjoyed visiting Bilbao!

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