My trip to San Sebastián

21 Mrz, 2024

On Sunday my host family decided to take me to a city in the North of Spain, which is called San Sebastián. It´s in the region of País Vasco and it took us about two hours by car to get there. The special thing about San Sebastián is the fact that it´s right by the Atlantic oceansmile. We went for a walk along the coast and the smell of salt and fish was everywhere. After the walk, we went to a bar to eat tapas. Eating tapas is very typical for Spain, it means eating small savoury dishes. We had a look at the city and I really liked it. Especially in San Sebastián, there´s a lot of fancy restaurants with excellent food.  After lunch, we visited the local theme park, Monte Igueldo. As you maybe can tell by the name, it´s on top of a small mountain. Luckily, there was a cable car that we could use, so it wasn´t exhausting to get there. From the top, there was a great view at the coastline and the sand beaches. The theme park is kind of small compared to others,  but still very pretty and we had a lot of fun. Some attractions we visited were the horror house or the small roller coaster. In the evening we went to the beach. Even though I love swimming in the ocean, it was still too cold for me. However, there was some people surfing nearby the coast. I was really happy to visit San Sebastián, because it´s a beautiful city by the sealaughing. Tereza

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