My daily life

5 Feb, 2023

Sunday, 5th of February:

I love my new life in Spain! Even if there are some differences to my German routine, I enjoy every day here, especially because of my host-family and friends.

From Monday to Friday my day begins at about 7 a.m. when I have to get up to go to school. I always go by car with my host-mum since she works very close to „IES Hermanos d’Elhuyar“. I live in the outskirts of Logroño and it’s a ten-minute drive to the centre where my school is located. After the classes I go to my host-grandma’s house, which is located right in the centre. My host-aunt lives there as well. There I usually have lunch together with my host-grandma and my host-mum, who has lunchbreak at this time. She has to return to work, when my host-aunt arrives from work. In the afternoons I spend much time with my host-aunt and we often make little excursions. In the evenings I play volleyball twice a week and on the other days I go to the gym with my host-dad, who always picks me up to go home, where I have dinner with him. On weekends I sometimes make some excursions with my or Franzi’s host-family and I often meet up with friends in the evening.

Life here in Spain never gets boring and I couldn’t imagine a nicer host-family than mine:).


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