How to pinchos

24 Mrz, 2023

The most traditional food in the North of Spain: Pinchos. 
They are little dishes you have with a drink like wine or mosto in little bars. But how do you eat pinchos? (Yes there is a special way) What´s the difference between pinchos and tapas? And what are the best places to eat them? 

How to eat pinchos: 

For eating pinchos, you normally meet up in the weekend, with your friends and family. All together you take a walk around the city or the pueblo and you go in several bars to eat one each. Some pinchos are being shared with everyone (for example patatas bravas, you can see them below). As the most of the bars are in one long street, you can just go down the road and stop every now and then to take a pincho. 
This way of eating works as a lunch or dinner, because everyone eats three to five of the little dishes. 

The difference between pinchos and tapas: 

In the last few weeks, I asked many people about the difference between pinchos and tapas, and every time I got an different answer.
Some people told me that there is no difference, or that they don’t know it, others that there is a huge one. But nobody was really able to explain it.
So after a bit of research, I found out that the word ˋpincho´ comes from the spanish word for skewer, because, traditionally, pinchos are served with wooden or plastic skewers.

The best places to eat pinchos: 

Pinchos come from the North of Spain, you can find them in the País Vasco, Navarra and La Rioja. They are very typical and traditional for San-Sebastian, but also in Logroño there are great places to go out for pinchos.

The most popular road in Logroño is la calle La Laurel, where you can find more than 60 bars and -when you go there in the evening- a lot of people.
When we were there on Saint Patricks day, we could barely move! 

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