Differences between Spain and Germany #2: ColaCao

22 Feb, 2023

Monday, 20th of February:

Once in an English lesson, I mentioned that I didn’t know, what „ColaCao“ was.. After seeing the horrified faces of my Spanish classmates, I accepted the challenge, so that the following day I tried the „holy“ drink and got a little bit disappointed. 

I expected a special Spanish version of a normal cacao with a particupar flavour or anything that justifies the praises, but at the end of the day it was just a normal hot chocolate. Well, I have to admit, it is quite a nice drink and I really like it, but the first moment I tasted it, I was surprised by the similarity to our cacao in Germany. The only thing that is unusual about the preparation is the frothed milk, which it is served with and that you alway receive a pack with the ColaCao and the milk extra.

And keep in mind: If you go in Spain to a cafe, you don’t order a hot chocolate. You always have to order a ColaCao. In one cafe even the woman behinde the counter did not know a hot choclate, but when I ordered a ColaCao, she knew what I meant (or maybe there was a problem with our communication). But even without any Spanish knowledge, you can order a drink by just saying „un ColaCao por favor“


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