Clavijo: small place, lots to see

9 Mrz, 2023

Today Jana, Nacho, Milla and I visited Clavijo and what first looked like a small village with little to see, turned out to be such an amazing place!


El Castillo de Clavijo:

In the small pueblo are the remains of the Castillo de Clavijo, where, according to a legend a battle took place in which the the Apostle Jacob rushed to the aid of the Christian troops.

That’s why there is a Jacob’s cross in his honory on the wall of the castle (which you can see below).

The legend says that the battle was instigated by Ramiro I to put an end to a shameful tribute that should have been paid to Emir of Cordoba. Jacob’s intervention led to the Christians‘ victory,

Pelota Vasca:

A traditional kind of sport, which is played with bare hands. Each player has to hit a ball against the wall of the hall, called Frontón (the balls are extremely hard, they used to be stones). There are two teams with each two players, trying to achieve a certain number of points. It can be played with a protection, a pointed basket etc. but is traditionally played bare-handed.

El Monte Laturce:

El Monte Laturce is 1039 meters high and the highest mountain in the region of Clavijo where you can have a beautiful look over the valley. Moreover, it is is the place where the new flag of la Rioja was hoisted for the very first time.

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