Andalucía part 4

25 Mrz, 2024

We arrived in Seville on Wednesday afternoon and were immediately impressed by the hotel. The next morning after breakfast we took the bus to the plaza de España, our first programm point. Here we got an audio guide tour. The teachers kindly explained things to us that we didn’t understand.We then went to an aquarium and were able to see various fish, turtles, jellyfish and seahorses. After a short break and lunch at the hotel, we drove to the ruins of Italica, an ancient Roman city. Here we got another audio guide tour while we were able to visit the ruins. In the evening we drove back to Seville and were able to end the evening alone or in small groups. Luckily it was very warm the whole time. The next morning we met at the bus at half past seven with our suitcases to set off again to Logroño.

By Emma

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