Andalucía Part 2

18 Mrz, 2024

After the first impressions of the south of Spain we went the second day to the Alhambra, which is a very famous sight in Granada. When we arrived with fantastic weather, we got a bit of free time to go in the city on our own. The town centre was full of oriental little shops, little streets and in every corner there was something special.
Then in the Alhambra, after being seperated in 2 groups because we were to many people to enter the building as one group, our visit began.
Luckily I was in the first group, which got access to everything. It was very impressive and a lot to see, from different halls with lots of carvings on the walls to water fountains to beautiful gardens and towers, from where you had an incredible view over Granada. From the outside it looked more like a rural castle, but in the inside you could clearly see the architecture by the arabs with various filigree ornaments. We spent about five to six hours there, which sounds a lot, but compared to what you could see there it was too little time.
The whole day was a very beautiful and wonderful experience I will never forget.
In the evening we continued our trip to the next stop: Cordoba

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