Visiting Logroño

4 Mrz, 2024

After the first few days that I spent with my host family and slowly got to know the different everyday life, we visited the centre of Logroño. Unfortunately the weather was very bad, but nevertheless it was an impressive city with lots of sights, such as various bridges that cross the river Ebro, or the cathedrale Santa María la Redonda.

Furthermore, Logroño is one of the cities where the well-known Camino de Santiago passes through.

The most famous place is probably the so called street „calle Laurel“ or „la Laurel“. Here you will find many small bars that offer typical Spanish tapas, especially from the northern Spanish area. What is special here is that each bar sells its own different specialities.

After walking for about an hour, we decided to go for lunch and we ate a lot of different typical food from la Rioja, which is the “state” they live in.

I liked Logroño really a lot and actually didn’t expect that much of history and sights.

This was a day full of new impressions and experiences!

Helen 🙂

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