The village where I live

28 Jan, 2023

Friday, 27th of January:

„Villamediana“ was the first thing I searched for in the internet after I had received the profile of my exchange student. You want to know why? Because I have just found out the name of the place where I will be spending most of the time and which I will be calling my new home for three month.

Villamediana is a village, located five kilometers southeast of Logroño. At first I was a little disappointed that I won´t be living in the centre of Logroño, but this feeling was replaced as soon as I heard that the connection with the bus to Logroño was efficient and that I could go there any time.

Now I show you some bright sides of Villamediana:

That´s what it looks like


In first place, you should get a feeling for what Villamediana looks like. To be honest, it doesn´t look very different to any other Spanish village in La Rioja. But still, every town has its own sights.


Iglesia de la Asunción s. XVI


This is the church of Villamediana. It can be found in the centre of Villamediana. Unfortunately, it was closed by the time I went by because churches here are just opend for mass.

The village where I live

Two pretty buildings


I saw them when I was jogging through the centre of Villamediana. I think they both are really cute and by the way, the colourful one is a hotspot for children to meet and spend their leisure time there, but I have not been there yet.


An impression from above


As Villamediana was built on a slope, there is a vantage point to have a view over the village. On the right further away, Logroño can be discovered and in the backround there are some mountains.



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