The second week

13 Mrz, 2024

The second week

On Tuesday all the Erasmus students went on a trio to the river in Logroño, which is called Ebro. A scientist specified in birds told us about the fascinating flora and fauna around and inside the river many different species nest here and we watched them through a professional camera, which the scientist provided. We walked all along the river promenade and over a beautiful bridge to a small restaurant, where we couldhave a snack. I had a coffee and my friends shared a plate of croquettes, which is a traditional Spanisch food consisting of potato flour and meat. On our way back we stopped to play a game which is called „guess your tree“ and that’s exactly what we did, we guesses which tree was shown to us when we were blind folded. Moreover, touching the tree is essential for figuring out what it may look like, nevertheless almost everyone was able to guess which tree they had touched.

Later that day I went to English class and noticed that the topic we had in the lesson was actually really difficult but it was fun anyway. The 6th of March is the birthday of my host mother, that’s why in the night we went to a bar next to our flat and met with some family. I tried to take part in the conversation, but managed it only for parts. Nevertheless, it was a fun night and I also tried some typical Spanish tapas in the bar.

At the end of the week I didn’t do much due to a cold, but I prepared my suitcase for the Andalusia excursion and also studied Spanish together with my exchange student. He showed me the most important tenses and taught me about pronunciation, which was very helpful and afterwards I felt very motivated to study more Spanish and really get to  understand the language. On Saturday night after I met with some friends of my exchange, I finished packing for the Andalusia trip and that was basically my week.  – Clara

The following picture has been taken in the nature excursion to the river:

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