The most sustainable „bodega“ in the world

30 Mrz, 2023

Friday, 17th March:

Even if there already are some blog entries about wine cellars, in Spanish „bodegas“, I want to write about my visit in a „bodega“ yesterday because the „bodegas“ are the most famous things of La Rioja. Since a friend of my host-aunt is the owner of the wine cellar „Beronia“, we got an exclusive tour through it. It was really interesting to get to know the modern building and the process from the grape to the wine. They produce millions of liters of wine there each year. I was also told that this is not any „bodega“, it’s the most sustainable one in the world, because they use solar cells and a geothermal heating system for example. Last year the bodega got the golden award in „Leadership in energy & environmental design“, which until now hasn’t got any other wine cellar. 

After that we went to Briones, a small village near to the „bodega“, that also is „uno de los pueblos más bonitos de España“. Here you can find the oldest house of La Rioja.


The wine cellar „Beronia“:


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