The most beautiful city in Spain

18 Mrz, 2023

,Friday, 17th March

Last Sunday was one of my best days since I have been here in Spain. I visited San Sebastián together with my host-aunt and a friend of hers. San Sebastián is located at the Atlantic Ocean in the Basque Country near to France. There live about 190 000 people. The Basque name is „Donostia“, that’s why you see many traffic signs with „Donostia-San Sebastián“.

Right after our arrival in San Sebastián we had our first highlight of the day: We went by the „Igueldo Funicular“, a cog railway with wooden wagons, to the summit of the „Monte Iguledo“, one of three mountains in and around the city. This cog railway is more than 100 years old and from the summit you have an absolutely amazing view on San Sebastián and the ocean. After that we walked alongside the beach towards the old town. There we ate some „pinchos“ and I can say that these were the best I have ever eaten. Did you know that the first „pinchos“ have their origin in San Sebastián? The last part of our trip was sightseeing, where we walked through the beautiful old town with its little harbour, the „Plaza Mayor“, two churches/cathedrals and lots of other nice buildings.

Unfortunately the day went by really fast but I will come again one day! Even if I haven’t visited all Spanish cities, I agree with my classmates and my host-grandma: San Sebastián is the most beautiful city in Spain!


Igueldo Funicular:

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