The „Camino de Santiago“

11 Feb, 2023

Saturday, 11th of February:

My new home town Logroño is part of the the Way of St. James, in Spanish called „Camino de Santiago“. I have already walked some kilometers of it and I have also visited three villages around Logroño through which the Way of St. James runs. And all villages have two things in common. First they all have really huge cathedrals or churches if you consider the number of inhabitants and second you can find many little hostels where pilgrims can stay overnight for free. 


If you follow the Way of St. James you will pass Viana, a village right in front of Logroño. This special village is located on a hill and has a beautiful old town inside of the old city walls. From here you have an spectacular view on the region and some days if there is good weather you could even see Logroño.

The next stop will be Logroño, one of the biggest cities of the Way of St. James. Every pilgrim enters the city by the bridge „Puente de Piedra“ which crosses the River Ebro.


After Logroño „Nájera“ and „Santo Domingo de la Calzada“ are the next stops. Nájera is a nice village which is very famous for its monasteries and Santo Domingo de la Calzada is very popular because of its beautiful and huge cathedral which has already been the topic of Franzi´s blog entry („The Miracle of the Rooster and the Hen“).

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