Santo Tomas

1 Feb, 2023

Monday, 31th of January:

„Santo Tomas“ is known as the saint of the schools and pupils. To honour his existence (in my opinion it is just about „having as little school as possible“ and he is just exploited, because this tradition just exists in this school and the internet just knows cities call „Santo Tomas, but no saint), the school celebrates this anniversary.

The whole week until Friday each day there was a motto how to dress at school. Unfortunaltely, just a small amount of students followed the tradition organized by the senior students. But in spite of this, the whole school were very flustered and full of anticipation on the last Friday. This day, just the students from the 2° of Bachillerato (Spanish for „Abitur“) came dressed up as Hippies and, to my disappointment, until the break nothing spectacular happened. But then, when the bell rang to the break, everybody ran out of school to get a gratis sandwich. And from then on, I enjoyed this event as much as the others did, because there were diverse activities to participate in and no more lessons: badminton, teacher vs pupil turnaments and, my personal highlight, a cake competition. Students could hand in desserts of their choice and after they were ranked and tried, anybody could eat them. Moreover, there were concerts and, the most entertaining thing, 30 teachers started dancing the dance f on stage „Wednesday“in costumes! The „ambiente“ at this moment was awesome and I was so surprised at that ridiculousness!


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