Our voyage to Logroño

17 Jan, 2023

Hello guys, and welcome to our first blog entry. Before we start, we would like to introduce ourselves: we are Jonathan and Franzi (10f) and the two of us are spending three months in Spain.

Sunday, 15th of January:

After a two and a half hour flight, we reached our first stop, Bilbao. Before we continued our journey to Logroño by bus, we had lunch at the central bus station called „intermodal“. I ate a „tortilla de patatas“, whcih is a typical Spanish dish, made of eggs, onions and (of course) potatoes.

We finally arrived in Logroño at five o’clock in the afternoon, where we met our host families as well as a teacher and four students. But instead of going home to relax, we stayed in the town and did a tour and enjoyed tasty „pinchos“.


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