Our journey to Logroño

28 Feb, 2023

Hello guys,

This is probably not the first blog for you to read but this is my first time writing it and I hope you enjoy it. My name is Jana and I arrived with Emilie and Milla in Logroño on Sunday the 26th Febuary and we will stay here for one month, and in this blog entry I’m going to tell you about our journey to Spain.

Several hours before the actual journey began, we met at the airport with two of our teachers and they helped us with getting everything prepared for the following flight. We took the airplane at 4 p.m. and arrived in Bilbao at 6 p.m., luckily everything went well. After the flight we took the bus from Bilbao to Logroño and then we finally arrived and met our host families. It was already quite late when we got home so we only had some dinner and then I went to bed being completely excited for the following month.


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