My first weekend in Spain

7 Mrz, 2023
Sunday, 5th of March:

Today is Sunday and my first weekend here in Logroño comes to an end.

On Friday after school I met my host sister for the first time because she came from her university to Logroño to visit her family.

In the evening she and I went for a walk together and we talked a lot. When we wanted to get some food, we saw Milla and her host family so we got something to eat together. It was really nice and after that we went home and had dinner with my host family.

On Saturday I got up at nine and we had breakfast together. 1 hour later my host family and I were to the car in the direction of the mountains because we wanted to go for a hike that day.

We drove to “nacedero del urederra”, a park in the nature, where you can go for a hike along the river. The weather was good, so you could see that the river seemed kind of green/blue. and that’s what it’s famous for.

After we got back to the car, we drove to another small village to get something to eat. Before having lunch we walked trough the streets of the village and enjoyed the view.

After eating pizza and salad for lunch, we went to the top of a mountain, where we saw a rock canyon. The mountain reaches so high that there was lots of snow and it was quite cold. But besides that, the view was incredible and we really enjoyed the nature there.

We arrived at home and had a break to collect new energy for the evening, because at 9pm my host sister, some of her friends and I went to a concert of the Spanish band called “La Fuga”. The music was good, even though its not the kind of music I usually listen to (it was Spanish rock), but my host sister told me that everybody has known these songs since they were young. At the concert there were people of all ages, which was really different to me, but it was a great experience.

After the concert I immediately fell asleep because I had an amazing but also very exhausting weekend.


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