My first weekend in Spain

18 Mrz, 2024

During the week I experienced the usual routine and finally got used to my timetable and the classrooms I have to go to.

On Friday the 8 of March was the international womens day and in Logroño there was a demonstration for the rights of women, which we attented.

The day after we visited an old monestery called Monastario de Yuso, which plays an important role for the development of the Spanish language. This is because once an anonymous monk wrote the first texts in castellano (=Spanish) in this place, before that they used Latin as  the common language. These books, which can also be called the beginning of the whole Spanish language were exhibited there, too. Moreover, there were many interesting things to visit as the church itself.

After this interesting trip we went back home and the family of my exchange student visited us because my host mother celebrated her birthday. For this occasion we ate paella, which is a very typical Spanish dish usually consisting of rice, vegetables and seafood. In the evening we got ready for the our school trip to Analucia, a part in the south of Spain.


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