My first day in Spain

27 Feb, 2024

After having to wake up very earlyundecided, me and my exchange partner, Andrea, arrived at the airport. Luckily, the flight went quite well. In Bilbao, Andrea´s parents were already waiting for us. We decided to stay in Bilbao for a few more hours, so that they could show me the city. Although it was raining, we decided to make the best of it. Some of the sights were really funny. For example, there is a big sculpture covered with flowers that looks like a giant dog laughing. Furthermore, the puppy isn´t the only giant animal in Bilbao. There is a big sculpture of a spider as well. We also had a look at the casco antiguo – the old town – of Bilbao and the cathedral. I am a big fan of the architecture of Bilbao, because it combines modern art and tradition. On Sunday, my host family showed me some of the prettiest and most important places in Logroño, for example , the cathedral and the Gran Vía. My host family really wanted me to try some traditional food and drinks from La Rioja so we made a quick stop to buy patatas bravas and mosto, which is potatoes with garlic sauce and wine without alcohol. In the evening we visited the grandparents, who were really nice. Overall, the weekend was a great start and I´m excited for what´s comingsmile. Tereza

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