In the grandmothers‘ houses…

23 Mrz, 2023

Wednesday, 21th of March:

Everything I eat here in Spain is soo delicious! Each day after school, Rebeca, Ángel and I eat in the house of Rebeca’s mother. She is a brilliant cook and offers us at least three dishes. In the beginning I thought she wants us to eat of everything and as I wanted to try every single meal, after lunch, I was so full and ate a lot! I took me some time to admit that I can’t eat everything they’re offering me and against my expectation she laughed at me and told me: „You are not supposed to eat everything I offer you, everybody can choose what he/she wants to eat.“ Even when I told her that I wasn’t used to eating meat every day and preferred eating vegetables, she was sympathetic and agreed on offering me two dishes without meat. Although I told here I needn’t any extra dish and that I was perfectly fine with one dish, she insisted on that!

Here in Spain, in my family it is normal having at least two courses for lunch. The first one normally consists of vegetable in form of a soup or normally cooked, for the second, they eat meat or fish and sometimes pasta and the last one are raw fruit. On top of that there is always either a salad or cucumber or a tomato with a dressing. In my opinion this is a lot work, so I really appreciate the food she prepares for us. There is always more food than anybody can eat and I still haven’t got used to eating that much and choosing between several dishes.

Every weekend we normally eat together with the families, once with Rebeca’s side and once at Enrique’s mother’s house. Afterwards we use to play some typical Spanish card games, for instance „Los Seises“ or „Pimiento“, which are about probability. I really enjoy playing cards, because they are for every age and it is really amusing to compete with my host-brother wink.


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