Differences between Spain and Germany #3: El Instituto

15 Mrz, 2023

Monday, 20th of February:

Jonathan already presented you the school we are at here in Spain. But there is a lot more behind the walls of „Hermanos D’Elhuyar“.

Listen to the video; you know this melody, don’t you? It’s the „Ode to Joy“ or also known as the Anthem of Europe. Besides it is the ringtone of the school here. To announce the end of a lesson, this song is played and causes me always a catchy tune! In the beginning, I didn’t hear the bell ringing due to the location of the clocks (which are in the hallways). Moreover I immediately felt connected to the school, because it is know in entire Europe and because of its German origen.


The building is formed as an U. In Germany people tend to criticize the furnishings and equimpent of the schools, but this one is, compared to our school, less modern with its white boards and old construction. But I can’t say that it reduces the quality of learning. There is also the opportunity for them to use the beamer and a digital presentation for their lessons, but just a few teachers make use of them. In general, the classes are different to ours in Germany. Students use to talk without the permission of teachers, leaving the class to go to the toilet is just allowed in an emergency and the atmosphere is more relaxed and there is more space for jokes. The 50 minutes periods can be used thoroughly for lessons: on the one hand, there is a five-minute recess between each class, but also on the other hand there is the subject „Tutoria“, in which talks (from school extern people) are being held or oranisation stuff is being talked about. 


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