Andalucía Part 1

17 Mrz, 2024

On Sunday the students trip to Andalucía finally startedsmile. At 5:30 am all the students and teachers, who were going, met. In total it was about 90 students and 5 teachers. Since Andalucía is on the other side of Spain, we spent a lot of time in the bus that day. At about 4 pm we arrived in Granada, a famous city of Andalucía. We had a look at the city while a guide told us some interesting facts. For example, the fact that there are two main economic factors, tourism and university. On Monday, they took us to a village near Granada, Nigüelas, where we went for a hike and could see the Sierra Nevada, which are the mountains of Andalucía. In the afternoon, we went to a climbing forest and we had a lot of fun climbing the obstacles and ziplininglaughing. In my opinion, Granada is a beautiful city and all the landscape around it as wellsmile. Tereza

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