An Extraordinary Lesson…

11 Feb, 2023

Friday, 10th of February:

The following pictures show the brain of a lamb. In one picture there is even  blood. If you don’t want to see inner organs, please skip this blog entry and continue reading the next one. 😉 

The system of education here is very different to the one in Germany. Not only that they have combinated subjects as History and Geography, moreover their lessons are different: last Biology lesson we were invited to participate in another class, where they were analysing the brain of an lamb. In first place, we had to put on gloves and a gown, therefore I couldn’t take that many pictures (and I didn’t want to touch my phone).

I’m afraid that I haven’t understood very much, so I didn’t knew why we were examining the organ. However, I found it very interesting to examine the brain and to see it from the inside.


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