A trip to Clavijo

23 Jan, 2023

Sunday, 22th of January:

Last Friday after school my host family, Jonathan and Mrs Münzel, a teacher form our German school, did a trip to Clavijo, a so called „pueblo“ (Spanish for „village“).

This very small town with its 200 inhabitants is a 15-minutes-drive away from Logroño. The only monument it has to offer is the „Castillo de Clavijo“, from were you have a amazing view over the valley and the road around it. Therefore in former times it was of big importance to control the territory. Nowadays there is a beautiful view you can enjoy from the castle, but also from the hills around.

We climbed one of the lower hills and were impressed by the view the nature offered us. It looked incredible and I imagined I could even see the sea.


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