A slightly different presentation

20 Mrz, 2023

This week Jana, Milla, Jonathan, Franzi and I presented Germany to the students from the 3° de ESO (comparable with the 9th grade at our school).
We talked about topics like music, media, our school, free-time and our region and traditions.

As we did some brainstorming and a picnic (we had to move inside because it was too windy and all our stuff kept being blown away) we came to the conclusion, if we had to listen to a presentation about Germany, it would be a bit boring, so we decided to make it more exciting and (even more important) interactive.


So apart from a mentimeter, showing them a video of our school and a trailer, at the end of our presentation we let them choose: Kahoot or Dance?
Because when we had our picnic, we talked about carneval and whether we should talk about it or not. Then the five of us started joking about the Fliegerlied and how we always did it when we were younger and suddenly one of us said: ˋLet´s do it with the class!´, as a joke of course, but in some way we all liked the idea and agreed on the dance.

I edited the offical music video of the song to make it shorter and added a Spanish subtitle to the video, so that the students were able to understand what he was singing about.
Franzi explained each step beforehand and then we danced all together.

Dancing with the students was so much fun and we laughed so hard!
Underneath you can see some pictures of our presentation and a link to the school´s instagram site where they also posted about it.



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