A German museum in La Rioja

31 Jan, 2023

Wednesday, 1st of February:

Yesterday afternoon my host-aunt and I made a trip to a museum I definetely hadn´t expected in La Rioja. It was an art museum of the German company „Würth“. This museum has been existing since 2007 because of „Würth España“, which is located right next to Logroño. Above all in the summer people love spending their leisure at the ground of the museum when there are events with lots of food trucks and outdoor concerts.

To be honest, after hearing of the museum I thought that it would be very boring since I´m not the biggest fan of art exhibitions. The topic of the actual exhibition is „From Head to Toe, Human Images in the Focus of the Würth Collection“. And now I can state that this exhibition was really interesting, because there were so many colourful paintings, huge sculptures and even some really modern art projects like speaking stones. To sum it up, this visit to the Würth museum was real fun, also because I helped my host-aunt, who was struggling to pronounce the German artists and titles because most of the projects came from Germany.

Even in Spain it isn´t difficult to get in touch with Germany!


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