Our first day in Logroño

28 Feb, 2023

.We really brought the German weather to Spain! On Sunday -in the evening- Milla, Jana and I (Emilie) arrived in Logroño and one of the first things we saw was snow.

The first evening was really short because we arrived very late. But on Monday, when we went to school, Pilar our mentor in IES Hermanos D’Elhuyar gave us a quick tour around the school and told us everything we had to know for our first few days. (On the photo you can see the whole exchange group, including our teachers in the principal’s office)


After a day in school that flew by, Jana and I met up with Frazi in the evening to take a walk around Logroño.
Since the life in the streets doesn’t start until 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm, we drank a coffee in the meantime and went out later again to eat churros, pinchos (a small meal eaten with a drink in bars and restaurants) and to drink mosto (a grape juice, usually taken as a drink or appetizer).

I had an amazing evening and a lot of fun with them!


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