18 Jun, 2024

February 10th

This weekend there was a celebration in Logrono for Carnival. On Saturday I went to the city center with my host parents. Many people were dressed up in costumes. There was a stage set up at the town hall where some show was playing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see or hear anything because the place was so crowded. Afterwards we went out for a bite to eat. Here I tried frog legs for the first time in my life. I found them quite yummy. Then we came to a place  where there was another stage. There was a competition going on to find out who can cry best. People were invited to register and then to come on stage and show how good they can cry.

February 16th

Unlike in Germany, we didn’t have carnival holidays in Logrono this week. What may seem to be bad luck was actually not bad at all because there were interesting things going on at school. From time to time, a dog named Pepo comes to the school to work with autistic children. I was kindly allowed to be part of one of these lessons this week. I found it very interesting to be part of something like this. I really liked to see how the school supports the students and how they get help.

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