Differences between Spain and Germany #4: Drinking Fountain

27 Mrz, 2023

Sunday, 26th of March:

It’s just a small, but important sign that makes the difference between a German and a Spanish fountain: „Agua potable“ is what they write in Spain, in Germany it mostly says: „Kein Trinkwasser“.

Until now, in the three month I have been here, I still haven’t seen any village or city without public drinking fountains. The only thing you need for them is an empty bottle and you can refill it any time. I love the fact that I don’t have to buy fresh water even though I have my own bottle with me. Sometimes the water tastes like chlorine, as the one from the tap does, but still: it is drinkable and great for refreshing.

I don’t know why we don’t have them in Germany, maybe due to lower temperatures in summer or Germans haven’t had the idea yet, but I’m certain I will miss them in Germany, because leaving the house with an empty bottle won’t quench my thirst anymore!



These three I have seen in Logroño. They can be more modern or can be installed imaginatively beneath a street lamp.


Surprisingly this was the only one that had come to my attention in Madrid. Perhaps I concentrated more on the surrounding than on searching fountains… 🙂


▲ Burgos, at our parking


▲ From Bilbao, there were a few more, as detailed as these ones


This one is at our school, it looks similar to the ones we have sometime in train station in Germany. 


▲ In a village in the mountains in La Rioja

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