“Looking Back or Forward” – Creative Writing in 1e1

Kursleiterin K. Stadlinger-Kessel

Im Rahmen des Schwerpunktthemas “The Individual and Society” haben meine Schüler im Englisch-Unterricht Gedanken zu ihrer Kindheit, oder eben zu ihrer Zukunft zu Papier gebracht. Ein paar lesenswerte Eindrücke dazu:

When I was only six years old

I loved to read and draw:

Stories of fairies and dragons

and toys come alive when you sleep.

When I was nine years old

my brother told me

it’s childish to do so.

But I wouldn’t stop.

When I was thirteen years old

I had to read the books from school.

They weren’t always bad,

but I missed that I was able to choose.

In the time from six to now

they told me what to draw,

they told me what to read.

But I didn’t always listen –

Those were my favorite times of all. (Pia Bauert)


What is the present if it’s not the past?

The past was the present once

and the present the past

and over and over and over again.

The future that will come

will just be the present -

a moment like this -

seconds that pass.

And I’m wondering if

I’ll remember it all –

all the events, the moments,

the hours and months

that pass.

Or will they just fade away like everything else? (Petra Priskin)



Don’t be scared… to look to the future.

It’s going to be great…for sure.

Just learn from mistakes -

It takes

A couple of tries.

But be careful…time flies.

If you really want it

just do it.

You are going to achieve.

You just have to believe –

Confidence is the key

and you will be happy.

Don’t let anyone stop you

Even if they shout ‘boo!’

Just carry on.

Hard work pays off…

Remember my words -

Go out…and break records! (Michael Suck)



Hello, it’s you, 17 years old.

I hope you’ve learned to be bold,

to speak your mind

while always being kind.

To be open

and hopefully copin’

with the stress, the problems, the fear.

Hold on to what is dear.

Relax and think,

make something warm to drink.

Because without some bumps in the road

everyone would be quite bored.

So be thankful for all that you have

and reduce the worrying by half.

You have all that you require

to achieve what you desire. (Alessia Rossmeier)

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