Schülern über die Schulter geschaut – Katrin Stadlinger-Kessel

Manche Schülerleistung aus dem Englisch-Unterricht in meinen Klassen – ob Hausaufgabe oder Prüfungsteil –  ist einfach so gelungen, dass sie es verdient, veröffentlicht  zu werden. Ein Dank an die jungen ‚Autoren‘!

GROWING UP  (Poetry Slam in Klasse 10a)

Your best friends become strangers,

lollipops become cigarettes,

the innocent ones turn into sluts,

homework goes into the trash,

soda becomes vodka ,

bikes become cars,

and kisses turn into sex.


Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground?

When wearing protection meant wearing a helmet?

When the worst thing you could get from a boy were cooties?

Dad’s shoulders were the highest thing on earth, and Mum was your hero?


Your worst enemies were your siblings

Race issues were about who ran the fastest

War was only a card game

The only drug you knew was cough medicine

The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knees

And good-byes only meant until tomorrow?


We all said we couldn’t wait to grow up –

What were we thinking?                                (Melanie Hermanns)



“What broke you?”

“My own expectations.”   


I asked. You answered in silence.


I believed you. Shame on me.                          


Mind like sea. Both storming inside.


How can emptiness be so heavy?


“I’ll be back tomorrow.” Years ago.                   (Melanie Hermanns)


THE VIRUS  (Topic ‘Saving the Planet in Q12)


Our planet has endured approximately 45 billion years in this universe. Despite extremely low probability, life emerged. Nature blossomed, creating new wonders of life, changing the face of our planet over time. But then, merely 4 million years ago, the earth got sick. Our beautiful planet got infected by a virus called mankind. Man has walked the earth for less than 0,01 % of its lifespan. In this tiny fraction of time we have almost laid waste to our very home. We named ourselves homo sapiens – the wise man. But how can we possibly call ourselves wise, if we probably are the most self-destructive form of life there is?


Not only are we murdering our own race because some childish, impulsive but powerful fools humiliate each other, which leads to whole countries waging war…We are also destroying the only planet which is capable of hosting a population like us. To understand the dilemma we have gotten ourselves into, we should take a look into our bodies and observe something that has bothered us since our creation – viruses.


A virus will implant itself into a cell which then provides the nutrients for the virus to multiply. Eventually the host cell decays, releasing further viruses into the body’s metabolism in order to find the next host to invade. Similarly, mankind is currently exploiting the world’s resources; additionally we are drowning our planet in waste and emissions, we are polluting the oceans and destroying the landscape. Nature is suffering from the biggest mass-extinction of species since the dinosaurs died out. To stay in the picture, we are killing our host, as a virus eventually kills its host cell. The earth reacts to this illness with global warming, almost like the human body would fight a virus with a fever.


If a host is attacked by a virus, there are only two possibilities: either the virus or the host will die. If we humans continue with our unsustainable consumption patterns and ruthless treatment of our planet, either the earth or mankind will eventually succumb…While a surviving virus moves on to the next host, mankind’s host is irreplaceable: since we do not yet have the option to simply migrate into space and find a second earth, we need to prevent our host from dying – or face the fatal consequences.


Our home is in desperate need of our taking action to cure the disease we have caused ourselves.

(Robin Hoffmann-Kuhnt)



(Englisch-Abitur Mai 2019,  Composition)

Lying is one of the most natural things for a human to do. Studies have shown that the average person lies more than ten times during a normal conversation. “Morals” is a concept created by humans that is supposed to represent a code on how to act and on how to be a ‘good’ person. So why is lying, a natural human action, often considered morally wrong and unacceptable?

Children are taught from a young age to be honest and truthful and that lies will be punished. Yet parents still lie about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. There is clearly a double standard when it comes to lying.

Truth hurts, is a very common saying. Most would claim that hurting someone is also morally incorrect. So is it better to lie about something, or tell the truth and hurt someone?

This is where the two motives for lying become important. When children lie about taking another cookie, or not having scribbled on the wall when they clearly have, it’s for personal gain. Lying for personal gain is generally frowned upon and is considered immoral. There are countless examples – CEOs lying about certain products or deals to make more money, lying on a resumé for a job, etc. The motive behind it is personal gain without caring who gets hurt in the process. That is the drawback with this type of lie: someone always loses.

There is another type of lie though. Commonly referred to as the “white lie”, this type of lie harms no one, often it even protects someone. While it is clear that lying for personal gain is not acceptable, the “white lie” is not that easily labeled. The most common example from TV and movies is probably the statement “No, you don’t look fat in that,” said by a boyfriend while shopping with his girlfriend…There is no problem with being ‘plus-sized’, but when this question is asked, “fat” is usually used as a negative term. If the person asking truly doesn’t look their best in what they’re wearing, do you tell them and run the risk of…hurting their feelings and lowering their self-esteem? Or do you tell them they look fine?...Sometimes “white lies” can even do good, instead of just neutralizing a situation. Telling an aspiring artist that his work looks good even if you don’t like it…can motivate him to work harder and improve.

The problem with “white lies” is that the truth eventually comes out. So is it better and morally sounder to spare someone’s feelings…only to have the truth come out later? Or …be honest from the start? …This moral dilemma will not be solved any time soon as it is human nature to lie.

(Alessia Rossmeier, Q12)

“Looking Back or Forward” – Creative Writing in 1e1

Kursleiterin K. Stadlinger-Kessel

Im Rahmen des Schwerpunktthemas “The Individual and Society” haben meine Schüler im Englisch-Unterricht Gedanken zu ihrer Kindheit, oder eben zu ihrer Zukunft zu Papier gebracht. Ein paar lesenswerte Eindrücke dazu:

When I was only six years old

I loved to read and draw:

Stories of fairies and dragons

and toys come alive when you sleep.

When I was nine years old

my brother told me

it’s childish to do so.

But I wouldn’t stop.

When I was thirteen years old

I had to read the books from school.

They weren’t always bad,

but I missed that I was able to choose.

In the time from six to now

they told me what to draw,

they told me what to read.

But I didn’t always listen –

Those were my favorite times of all. (Pia Bauert)


What is the present if it’s not the past?

The past was the present once

and the present the past

and over and over and over again.

The future that will come

will just be the present -

a moment like this -

seconds that pass.

And I’m wondering if

I’ll remember it all –

all the events, the moments,

the hours and months

that pass.

Or will they just fade away like everything else? (Petra Priskin)



Don’t be scared… to look to the future.

It’s going to be great…for sure.

Just learn from mistakes -

It takes

A couple of tries.

But be careful…time flies.

If you really want it

just do it.

You are going to achieve.

You just have to believe –

Confidence is the key

and you will be happy.

Don’t let anyone stop you

Even if they shout ‘boo!’

Just carry on.

Hard work pays off…

Remember my words -

Go out…and break records! (Michael Suck)



Hello, it’s you, 17 years old.

I hope you’ve learned to be bold,

to speak your mind

while always being kind.

To be open

and hopefully copin’

with the stress, the problems, the fear.

Hold on to what is dear.

Relax and think,

make something warm to drink.

Because without some bumps in the road

everyone would be quite bored.

So be thankful for all that you have

and reduce the worrying by half.

You have all that you require

to achieve what you desire. (Alessia Rossmeier)

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